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Larilyn’s Tip of the Week: Delegated Access

This week will probably have a hint of familiarity to it.  It’s because I’m going to piggy back off a tip I had a few weeks ago.

Hopefully you remember this tip where I talked about the importance of password security.

If you don’t, I’ll wait a minute while you go review that now.

I’ve already gone over the importance. I’m not going to go down that long rabbit hole again.

I’m here to talk specifically about one of the items I mentioned. Delegated access.

It has come to my attention that many people do not know what this is! So how would you know to use it if that is the case?

Delegate access is giving access to someone, or permission to someone, to be able to access your email (there may be other applications that have the same type of thing, but I’m talking about email specifically right now).

Business goes on, whether we are sitting at our desk or sitting on the ship deck…..relaxing….listening to the sound of the waves…..drink in hand…..being lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking…..

Seriously. This pandemic has got to end. I need a cruise.

Anyway. I digress. The point is, that just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean that no one else is. And so there are things that have to be addressed. And I don’t know about you, but the one thing that doesn’t mesh with my sunny deck day dream is having to check my work email.

But, as the good learner that you are, I know you realize that giving someone your password to just hop on your computer while you are gone is a bad idea!

This is where delegated access comes in. You give someone delegated access, which they have to accept. They can then open your emails up in their own browser or Outlook on their own computer. They can check emails as you, they can respond as you – and when you come back, we just retract that delegate access. It’s less hassle for them because they don’t have to log into your computer and pull themselves away from their desk, and it’s less risky for you because your account is still secure.

Plus, you know that icon on your desktop where you put all your deepest, darkest secrets labeled “TOP SECRET -DO NOT READ”. You know anyone getting on your computer is going there first, right? Now you don’t have to worry!

So next time you’re running away….I mean, going on vacation…..ask us to set up your delegate access for you. We’re happy to do it!