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Larilyn's Tip of the Week:  Quick Web Page Scrolling

If you don't know me by now.....

if you dont know me by now should come as no surprise that today's tip is a keyboard shortcut!  

So let's just jump into this one.  Let me set the stage for you.  Thanksgiving is coming up.  Your family is all gathering together for a big festive dinner.  And YOU have been tasked with bringing a pie.

pumpkin pie

You've never made a pie.  You debate buying a pie.  But you know that homemade is better, and you feel like you could handle it if you just could find a good recipe.

So you turn to Pinterest.....or Google.....or whatever online search you deem best.  You find a link to what looks like a promising pie with good reviews.  You click through to the cooking blog post anxious to see the recipe.

And you are met with a ten-page dissertation written about how this pie changed the life of the woman who owns the blog  Detailing the circumstances and experiences she had as she hand-picked each ingredient.....and on and on.....

food bloggersLook - I enjoy reading these sometimes.  I find stories and humorous anecdotes to be great!  I use them myself.  But sometimes....I just want the darn recipe.  And some bloggers are nice and put a "Jump to Recipe" link at the top, but some don't.  And that's where my handy, dandy shortcut comes in.

You can use the spacebar to easily scroll through web pages one page (screen) worth at a time.  

When you are on a webpage, the Space bar can act as a scroll-down button.  It will scroll an entire page worth.  And if you want to scroll up, you just hit Shift + Space and it will scroll up an entire page worth.

So when you come to those long-winded bloggers, just you find the best pie recipe in the world!