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Larilyn's Tip of the Week:  Microsoft Excel - Shortcut Keys

Have you guys ever played Mario Kart? 


That is something that my nephews LOOOOVE to play!  And it's actually a video game I'm decently good at. 


Don't ask me to play most games.  I'm horrible.  When it comes to fighting the level bosses or whatever, I would rather make my little character turn and run the other way.  It's happened before.  My sister can vouch for me. 


And let's just say she never asked me to play for her while she took a quick shower ever again.  She was lost on the map.  Anyway.....

Back to what I'm good at.  MarioKart!  One of the things that I like about it is that as you get to know the tracks, you learn the shortcuts that can take you from the back of the pack to the front of the pack.  Where you have to avoid the pesky blue shells.  But that's beside the point....


And just like in MarioKart, in Excel I truly appreciate a good shortcut!  You guys actually should know this by now.  I believe the subject has been addressed multiple times.

Any key combination that allows my hands to stay on my lovely little keyboard and not have to move my hand over to the mouse?  That's my jam.


And I'm no selfish Shelly.  I'm here to share a plethora of Excel shortcuts with you today!


I hope these help you in your Excel endeavors.  Enjoy!

Ctrl+; —Inserts today's date.
Ctrl+Shift+:—Inserts the current time
Ctrl+Shift+#—Changes the format of a date (there needs to be a date in the cell already)
Ctrl+5—Applies a strike-through to the text in a cell.
Ctrl+0— (that's a zero) Hides the current column.
Ctrl+9—Hides the current row.
Ctrl+F6—Switches between open workbooks (like when you switch between open programs in Windows, but in different files of Excel that you have open)
Ctrl+PageUp or PageDown—Quick shift between the sheets in the currently open workbook.
F2—Edit the current selected cell 
Shift+F10—Opens the right-click menu for the cell you're in




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