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MalwareBytes Gone Crazy Blocking Internet

If you’re having a problem this morning accessing your email or other network resources or websites, and you’re getting a pop-up saying that sites are being blocked, you may be impacted by a recent MalwareBytes update that is causing similar problems for many people.

Update 11:15 Pacific: The issue has been resolved in an update. See instructions for updating Malwarebytes to the latest database. It should no longer be necessary to disable Website blocking or exit Malwarebytes.

While MalwareBytes is working on a fix for this issue, here’s the workaround:

It is most likely necessary to expand the notification center area down by the clock by clicking on the ^ arrow:

Find the MalwareBytes icon:  and right click on it, then click on Website Blocking to disable this protection module.

In the event that disabling Website Blocking doesn’t resolve your issues, try exiting the program completely. Follow the steps above to access the menu and select Exit.

Finally, click Yes to confirm you want to exit the application:


Update 1: Link to resolution.

Updated 2: Change to disabling website blocking instead of exiting the application completely.