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Christmas & New Year’s Schedule

Christmas is almost here and New Year’s is right behind that. Once again want to make sure that you are ready for the holidays.

Our holiday schedule is as follows:

Thursday, December 24th – Closed
Friday, December 25th – Closed
Thursday, December 31st – Closing at 12 Noon Pacific
Friday, January 1st – Closed

Forgot to order that last minute gift? Traffic will be horrible out there, but you can still order from Amazon with one day shipping or you might be lucky enough to live in an area with free same day or two hour delivery. Cutoff times vary so don’t wait. Still need some gift ideas? 

We will have someone on call during this time that will be responding to voicemails that are left in the technical support mailbox. Call (951) 894-8809 and follow the instructions for technical support. Messages that are left in individuals voicemails will not be returned until Monday the 28th or later and should not be used for requesting technical support at any time.

Is your office ready for the holiday? Here are some things to consider before next week. We may have already taken care of some of these things for you. If you’re not sure please make sure you have communicated any necessary changes with us.

Are your phones set for holiday hours?

If your system is setup to route based on time of day, holiday hours should be programed so calls are not ringing empty stations. If your calls route to an answering service, the service should be notified of your change in schedule. If your phone routes to an auto attendant or IVR that may need to be updated with an appropriate message specifying when you’ll be returning calls. Finally, you may want to make sure you have an option for emergencies. This could be an extension that forwards to the answering service or an on-call employee’s cell phone.

Out of Office Notifications

It may be appropriate to set an out of office notification on your email if you correspond with others who may not be aware you’ll be out of the office for an extended period. It may be necessary to update your voicemail message too. With Digium’s Switchvox system it is possible to program a separate message to play during a company or user specified time frame.

Door Locks & Security Systems

Do your doors unlock on a schedule? It might not be the best idea to have the doors unlocked when no one is going to be around. Please verify that your schedule has been set accordingly to have the doors remain locked. With key fob systems you can also ensure that only necessary personnel have access during the holiday.

Your alarm monitoring or on site security company should also be notified of your closure.

What equipment can be turned off?

Program your thermostats for the holiday. Make sure that the one covering your server or network closet (which should be dedicated) is set to continuously cool as needed. We generally do not recommend turning off computers unless you will not be using them for a full week. Servers and all networking components should be left on at all times.

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