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Larilyn's Tip of the Week:   Embracing ChatGPT

I currently work on a University campus, and with that comes a lot of talk about how AI and specifically ChatGPT is being utilized.

Happy young woman sitting on the floor with crossed legs and using laptop on gray background

It makes people very nervous, as it makes the realm of plagerism and cheating a much bigger playing field.  And so I have seen very intelligent people just shut down in a conversation if the topic is brought up.

However, in my job I have come to love certain ways you can use ChatGPT that is not cheating or plagerism, it's really just another source to bounce your ideas off of someone else - it's just a computer you're bouncing off of.

Sometimes you know the idea you want to get across.  You have the data, or the details, but you are trying to figure out the best way to present your idea.  Prior to anything AI related, no one would scoff or scorn if you turned to a thesauraus!  

Old opened book with characters flying out of pages

Well now, I turn to ChatGPT.  For a simple example, what if I just wanted to figure out another way to say "good morning" to someone?  I literally type that into ChatGPT and get suggestions!  And I can ask for more if I don't like the first option.


It's taking my thoughts and just helping me reframe it.  I have used it for everything from basically a thesauraus, to helping me try to decide what to name a program I'm putting on for my residents, to helping me re-write a sentence I've already written but is very repetitive.

So the next time you are trying to figure out something and maybe there isn't someone around to bounce your ideas off of - try ChatGPT!  It's not a bad tool!