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Larilyn's Tip of the Week:  Default Fonts

There is nothing so constant as change.

garfield changeThe older I get, the more I realize that there are some areas of life where I'm really set in my ways.

In my other life (or, other job) I work with a lot of college aged kids.  They are constantly reminding me of how old I am, by saying things like, "Sorry I wasn't born in the 1900's".  They say it in that really sarcastic way that really lets you know that they're not sorry, and that they believe I should be on the Oregon Trail dying of dysentary.


They make fun of the fact that I know what a CD is.  That I remember a time before Google.  Or the internet.  They don't understand what a rotary phone is.  And they absolutely ROAST me for the fact that I still do a double space after a period.  Apparently that is no longer a thing, and I am as old as the Nile.


But this is the way I was taught and raised, and some habits are hard to quit!  And there's something that has changed on me recently that just grinds my gears.

Has anyone else noticed that Times New Roman is not the default font anymore in Word?  DRIVES.  Me.  CRAZY.

Maybe this doesn't bug anyone else as much as it bugs me.  I just like things to be a certain way.  

But maybe it's not, because bless Microsoft's little heart, they have given me a fix!!  So there must be others out there.

And look, maybe you're not a Times New Roman lover.  Maybe you prefer Joker....or Wing Dings  Whatever frosts your cupcake.


I'm here to tell you that you can set your own default font so that you will always have whichever font you so desire.  And it's quite simple.

In Word, you should have a section on your Home menu for fonts.  If you click the little arrow in the corner:


This will open up the font box.  In this box, you can choose any font you'd like from the list.  Once you've highlighted your very favorite, you can click the little box on the bottom left labeled Set As Default.

set as default

And hooray!  Now your default font will forever be what YOU want it to be.  And good luck to everyone trying to read all my documents typed in Vladimir Script.